Former Piston Sidney Green talks about his days at a high school powerhouse

There’s nothing bloggers love more than telling people to go randomly read more of our stuff wherever it may appear on the internet.

The first in a long series I put together for SLAM is online. Basically, the project tried to come up with a scientific way to rank the top 30 high schools that have produced the most ABA and NBA talent in the history of basketball. A lot of interesting and maybe forgotten names came up while doing the research, including Sidney Green, who played for high school powerhouse Thomas Jefferson in Brooklyn. Green, who played one season with the Pistons during his career, had this to say about his high school:

“One of my favorite memories was during a game my senior year, the great ‘Fly’ Williams walked into the gym (Williams is a NYC playground legend, one of the best players in Austin Peay history and a former ABA and CBA player– Ed.). They had to stop the game to clear the floor just so Fly could come in and get a seat. It was just awesome that one of my idols was there watching me play. I’m proud to say that the tradition still lives to this day, and it’s an honor to be a part of it.”

Green’s school came in at No. 26 on the list and Nos. 30-26 were posted today. A new set in the countdown will be posted at SLAM each Thursday, and a few more Pistons names will show up.