Illustrating the Pistons’ fall in Forbes’ NBA franchise value projections

Forbes released its projections for NBA franchise values today, and the Pistons slipped to 13th at $360 million. The declines hardly comes as a surprise, but it’s still not encouraging to see.

I worry about the timing of this report, because based only on blind odds, the projection is more likely to hinder negotiations between Karen Davidson and Tom Gores than help the process. One side could easily use Forbes’ $360 million projection to strengthen its bargaining power, and I doubt the other side would be thrilled with that.

Still, there’s a chance both sides were already hovering around a $360 million price tag, and Forbes’ report just confirmed to Davidson and Gores the deal was fair. I’m hoping for that.

In addition to value, Forbes projects four other measures for each team – one-year value change (percentage), debt/value (percentage), revenue and operating income. I charted each of those five measures below.

Two of the graphs stand out. The second is miserable for the Pistons, and the third shows how great an owner Bill Davidson was.

Current value

One-year value change (percentage)

Debt/value (percentage)

Sheet 3


Operating income