Member of Pistons organization: Some players “talked openly about mutiny”

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN:

"In all fairness, some who missed shootaround actually said they weren’t feeling good," one member of the Pistons organization told me over the weekend. "They had legitimate reasons. But there were others who talked openly about mutiny. Nobody appreciates the way Rip Hamilton has been treated, along with some other things.

"Bottom line: The players can’t stand the coach. They don’t respect him because they don’t believe he relates to players. But no matter how you feel about him, you don’t pull the kind of nonsense we displayed on the bench in Philadelphia on Friday night. It was embarrassing, humiliating. Dudes are lucky they’re still wearing an NBA uniform after that."

This person wasn’t talking just about players spewing profanity at Kuester or ignoring him in huddles during games, as some have done — or their finding time to call him the worst coach they’ve ever seen to his face because they feel he’s not personable and that he’s scared of players, which has also happened. This particular member of the Pistons was alluding to witnessing several of the players laughing openly on the Pistons’ bench as Kuester was being ejected from the game in Philadelphia on Friday.

That’s the most excerptable and juiciest part of Smith’s article. I know and understand his reputation for being loud at the expense of nuance, but this piece gets into a fairly deep discussion of race, power and how the Pistons’ latest chaos affects perception of the NBA. It’s well worth the read.