Fourth-year guard Rodney Stuckey hires his fifth agent

Rodney Stuckey has hired his fifth agent in his four-year career, according to Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Stuckey, who will become a restricted free agent in six weeks if there is no NBA lockout, left Seattle-based Steve Banks in favor of Leon Rose.

Rose is the agent for LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Pistons teammate Richard Hamilton. Rose is Stuckey’s fifth agent since 2007. Banks, who declined comment, began working with Stuckey when he was drafted by the Pistons and Stuckey was represented by Goodwin Sports Management.

Stuckey left Goodwin in September 2009, and he and Banks reunited in January 2010.

Merely from a standpoint of assessing Stuckey, this is a bit disconcerting. Why has he changed agents so many times? I believe a player’s off-court decision making can correlate with his on-court decision making, so if I were the Pistons, I’d certainly explore what’s happening here. There may be nothing worrisome, but I’d at least have questions.

As far as Stuckey returning to Detroit, could this put a hitch in Joe Dumars’ plan? Because Stuckey is a restricted free agent, the Pistons appeared to be in the driver’s seat this summer. Rose has plenty of other clients, but his most high-profile jobs recently involve trying to get players under contract (Carmelo Anthony, Richard Hamilton and, perhaps, Chris Paul) to new teams. Did a hope of taking control of his free agency draw Stuckey to Rose?

Handling Stuckey this summer was already complicated, and now it appears even more so.