Could Chauncey Billups make the Hall of Fame someday?

Dennis Rodman isn’t the only former Piston at Hall of Fame weekend. As Yahoo!’s Marc J. Spears reports, Chauncey Billups was on hand today to receive a community service award from the Hall. But the interesting part of Spears’ column discussed whether or not Billups one day has a shot at induction:

John L. Doleva, the Hall’s president and CEO, doesn’t think it’s a stretch to someday see Billups’ name on the ballot.

A McDonald’s All-American in high school, Billups led the University of Colorado to its first NCAA appearance in 28 years and was a second-team All-America as a sophomore. The five-time All-Star led the Detroit Pistons to an NBA championship in 2004, when he was named MVP of the Finals. He also helped Team USA win a gold medal at the 2010 world championships.

“The body of work is very important,” Doleva said. “To think that the voters just look at a single portion of a career would be false. They do step back and take a hard look. It’s not a popularity contest, the hottest name. It’s a thoughtful process. It’s the entire game.

“Even community work helps a candidacy. I’m not in the prediction business, but I think Chauncey would be a solid nominee.”

I’ve given up trying to figure out the actual criteria, if any, the basketball HOF uses when deciding who to enshrine. But I’d certainly argue that Billups and Ben Wallace have great shots at getting in among recent Pistons. I know I’ve mentioned my belief that Wallace should get in before and that spurred a lot of disagreement from readers. I’m not sure what the consensus among fans is on Billups.

I’ll definitely formulate more nuanced arguments in favor of both Wallace and Billups when the time comes, whether people think I’m crazy or not. One of my favorite memories as a writer is people telling me I was crazy for suggesting Rodman would get in. Can’t wait for a repeat of that.