Will Bynum out of the rotation because Lawrence Frank decides against trying to play three point guards

Dave Pemberton of The Oakland Press talked with Lawrence Frank about a forgotten Piston in the early-season rotation, Will Bynum:

“It’s hard,” Frank said. “Will’s a very, very good player. He’s obviously a guy we see as a game changer, especially on the offensive end. Someone who … is one of our better pick-and-roll players. But it’s hard to play three point guards, especially cause outside of Rodney our guards are small.

“Will’s definitely going to have his day in the sun. He’s going to help us win games, but right now this is where we’re at.”

The problem with Bynum on the roster is not only is he on the diminutive side, but the organization has more invested long-term in Rodney Stuckey and Brandon Knight. They need minutes. The problem for coaches is that Bynum is one of the hardest working players in the league. Despite some flaws to his game, he’s been productive when given minutes. He’s exactly the type of hard-working, hungry, overachieving player coaches love, which makes it so hard to leave him out of the rotation.

This is another subtle difference between Frank and his predecessor, John Kuester. Kuester simply couldn’t make the necessary step of shortening his rotation. Consequently, he played too many guards, none of them ever felt comfortable in their role and all were yanked in and out of the rotation. I like Frank’s honesty in admitting that Bynum should basically be playing, but the need to have a consistent rotation and the reality of the roster trumps his desire to want to give everyone minutes.

I’m sure Bynum isn’t happy not playing and I haven’t seen him comment on it yet, but Frank not playing him for the time being is what’s best as the team still tries to figure out Stuckey’s best role and tries to develop Knight into a starting caliber lead guard.

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