Pistons might not use amnesty this summer

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

my best guess is that they will not be exercising the amnesty clause.

It seems unlikely to happen this summer, though.

As for the amnesty, I don’t anticipate the Pistons using it this off-season.

Before using the amnesty on any player, the Pistons will surely try to trade him. If the Pistons planned to amnesty a player, even without naming him yet, that will cripple his trade value. So, even if the Pistons planned to use the amnesty, I’m not sure Langlois, a team employee, could reveal it. Essentially, this could just be misinformation.

Then why did I pass it along? In case the Pistons aren’t bluffing, so you can brace yourself for the Pistons paying Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva $20 million next season. I figure that will take some time to process.

The amnesty can save teams money if they’re over the luxury-tax line. The Pistons aren’t.

If they use the amnesty, for it to have any value, they must replace the amnestied salary, paying around double for the roster spot.

From a pure on-court perspective, amnestying Gordon easily makes the most sense. To Tom Gores, no amnesty would be, directly, the most financially-sound route.* Amnestying Villanueva might be a decent compromise.

But remember, Gores has the final vote. Compromise isn’t necessarily in the cards.

*Of course, an improved team might generate enough revenue to offset the amnesty’s expense.