The drought is over: Pistons trade Ben Gordon and a protected first round pick to Charlotte for Corey Maggette’s expiring contract

First thing’s first — the details. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo!:

Detroit has traded Ben Gordon and a protected future first-round pick to Charlotte for Corey Maggette, league sources tell Y! Sports.

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News adds that the pick is lottery protected in 2013, top eight protected in 2014 and top one protected in 2015. It becomes unprotected in 2016.


Not that I have anything against Ben Gordon, necessarily. He got paid handsomely in Detroit, that’s not his fault. He underperformed in Detroit, that is his fault, though I will say that he played through a variety of injuries and for a coaching staff his first two years that had no idea what to do with the team’s 19 shooting guards. But Gordon was largely a gentleman in Detroit, didn’t resort to the public complaining that a few other veterans partook in and hopefully he’s able to resurrect his career a bit in Charlotte or wherever he ends up if the Bobcats don’t decide to keep the world’s smallest backcourt.

For the Pistons, I don’t particularly like the thought of dumping a future first round pick just to shed salary (and don’t worry, I’m pretty sure Dan Feldman hates doing that and will be around later to offer his take), but getting Maggette’s expiring deal certainly does offer some potential short term salary relief. This isn’t a particularly good trade for Detroit, but it’s not the worst they’ve done either. I’m just glad that Dumars’ Cal Ripken-esque streak — since July 13, 2009, to be exact — of non-trading is over.