Don’t expect an extension for Greg Monroe this summer

Greg Monroe will complete his third season in the league this season, making him eligible for a contract extension in the offseason. But Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News talked to Monroe’s agent, David Falk, in Washington, and Falk says he won’t begin discussing a possible extension until 2014:

As for Monroe’s future, contract talks with the Pistons could begin after his third year, which would be this summer, but Falk said the sides will put things off until July 2014, when Monroe will become a restricted free agent.

“Greg isn’t gonna go backwards between his third and fourth year,” Falk said. “I don’t think I’ve ever done an extension after a third year. In the 90’s you maxed out a guy after his second, but the (CBA) rules are different now.”

“When I evaluate things, with a player of Greg’s stature: Take the money out of the equation. I can get it from five different teams. ‘Are there players I want to play with? A coach I want to play for? A city I want to live in?’ My job is to make the money as insignificant as possible (relatively).”

That’s not really surprising, and it actually makes some sense for both sides. Monroe hitting restricted free agency should give him a better sense of his market value, and, if he signs an offer sheet (max offer or otherwise), the Pistons can and will just match it.

Goodwill’s story is interesting beyond just the Monroe stuff, though. Falk gets into details about what he looks for in situations for his clients and even talks about some other high profile free agents he’s represented who considered the Pistons, including Juwan Howard and Dikembe Mutombo when they were in their primes.

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