Okur II?

Josh Heytvelt could be the next Mehmet Okur.

And I said it in a May 29th post.

But apparently the comparison wasn’t as fabulously original as I thought.

Because in a recent interview Joey Whalen of Draft Express had with Josh, the 6’11 sweet shooter said he has been told he plays like Brad Miller and, you guessed it, Mehmet Okur.

Two things worth noting:

1) Either I’m woefully arrogant of my ability to compare possible future NBA players to already existing NBA’ers (you know, thinking that my bright ideas are totally original), or 2) that I should be hired ASAP by a NBA team to make all their draft decisions, because after all, it was a bright idea, yes?

Now if you’ll please excuse me as I saunter off into the distance hoping to make sense of it all.


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