Top 15 Picks Straight From LoD

Not exactly the way I see the draft shaping up.

This is more of a look at how it should play out, you know, if people made competent decisons that I’ve deemed competent.

Think of me as the GM of each NBA team, and then take a deep breath.

Clips- Griffin

Like I stated in a prior post, over/under 7 All-Star appearances for Griffin?

Grizz- Tyreke Evans

Can’t take the chance that Rubio will not suit up for you, so you take arguably the player with the second most potential in the entire draft.

Thunder- Rubio

If the Thunder draft Rubio then essentially the Thunder are my undeniable Team B, shoving the Denver Nuggets out of the way.

Kings- Jonny Flynn

Let’s see, Spencer Hawes or Hasheem Thabeet? I’ll take Hawes for 1,000, Alex. Flynn is the logical choice here.

Wizards-  Hasheem Thabeet

I’ll admit this much, Thabeet will be pretty good on defense. Though you already knew that. Wizards need defense, so this makes some sense.

Wolves- Brandon Jennings

Strictly a need pick here, even though Randy Foye is considered a point guard. Move Foye off the ball is my best guess. 

Warriors- Demar DeRozan

Simply based on potential, but also maybe a piece that can be matched with Monta Ellis in a future trade. Or not.

Knicks- B.J. Mullens

Fooled ya!

Knicks- Stephen Curry

It only makes sense! Step aside Chris Duhon.

Raptors- DeJuan Blair

Best value player left on the board, and much sexier pick than James Harden.

Bucks- James Harden

They could use a good shooter off the bench.

Nets- Gerald Henderson

Gerald will definitely be much better of a pro than Dahntay Jones. The first clue? Henderson can shoot a bit.

Bobcats- Jrue Holiday

Could be the steal of the draft. Brown can’t wait to get his hands on Jrue.

Pacers- Eric Maynor

Makes sense since the Pacers basically have the Teen Wolf as their current point guard.

Suns- Derrick Brown

The next Trevor Ariza?

Pistons- Jordan Hill

If it isn’t clear enough already that all this draft stuff is way over my head and that I have no idea what to make of it, well, I’ve really cemented all those doubts now.

So what kind of player is Detroit drafting?

It’s not rocket science to figure out what I think about Hill. Hell, in an earlier post I said he’d top out as an energy guy. But, having said that, maybe when Hill falls to 15 it will be a big blessing in disguise.

What Chad Ford of ESPN said about Hill,

 “There are a lot of mixed opinions on Jordan Hill. I like him. I don’t think he’s a bust but I’m not sure where his ceiling is. He plays hard, is a good rebounder and is improving on the offensive end. It’s crazy if he slips out of the top 10.”


And here’s what Hill said about himself,

 “My upside is ridiculous. I still have a lot more weapons to pull out in this game. Going to the next level, I will be with people who know how to bring that potential and upside out of me.”

Is that potential of the Etan Thomas variety or of the Brian Grant variety?

So what does this all mean?

Well, for one thing, I don’t think Hill is a total dud or I wouldn’t have selected him at 15. 

But on the other hand I really am just as confused as almost everyone else who concocts their mock drafts on this earth, so hopefully my selection will just blend in.

Besides, choosing Jeff Teague or James Johnson or Marcus Thornton would have been too boring and predictable.


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