Richard Hamilton To Be Traded

It’s basically set in stone now.

Because  the Pistons have reached agreement with Ben Gordon on a five-year deal worth 55 million.

That is one expensive 6’2ish shooting guard.

So a deal must be in the works involving Rip, hopefully probably Tay too.

Stay tuned.

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  • Corey

    UConn guard replaces UConn guard. Man, losing Rip would hurt real bad in the vein of Chauncey, but I guess this team is going to look a lot different. But is Villanueva a true PF? Who is gonna be on our front line? Who would we get in exchange for Rip. It doesn’t seem like the stones could get along well with three guard rotation as last year would indicate.

  • Corey

    In this photo one realizes why you want a taller guy playing the 2.

  • Drew

    Charlie V is a true PF like Rashard Lewis is a true power forward…only about 1/2 as good. Dumars might be morphing into Millen before our very eyes…

  • toasterhands

    You have a point.

    But I’m more displeased about the Gordon signing, it reminds me of drafting wide receivers over and over again like Matty did… Hey, you might have just given me a good topic to write about in an upcoming post!

  • toasterhands

    Great find corey, pic is funny as hell.