Pistons 7th, Hawks 3rd, Clips 7th

I tweeted my predictions for the Eastern conference regular season back on Oct 24th here.

Just wanted to make that known considering the Cavs-Celtics and Wizards-Mavs are currenty playing as I type this.

I’ll lay out both conferences for you right here, sans analysis.

(I realize that without analysis it’s pretty boring to do this, however, it will make for an interesting post at the end of the year as I will either look pretty goofy or rather intelligent-  I’d put money on the former)


1. Celts

2. Magic

3. Hawks

4. Cavs

5. Wizards

6. Bulls

7. Pistons

8. Raptors



1. Spurs

2. Lakers

3. Dallas

4. Portland

5. Denver

6. Hornets

7. Clips

8. Suns


I think both # 1 seeds will make the Finals.

Spurs over Celts.

  • http://brgulker.wordpress.com/ Ben Gulker

    I’m a bit skeptical of the Cavs championship aspirations, because I don’t see how Shaq and Z can co-exist without handicapping LBJ. However, I think they’ll be better than ATL. It might cost them a few games early in the season, but they’ll get their rotations figured out, and they’ll be right there in the East, IMO.

    I also don’t think the Raps will make the Playoffs unless Philly and Chicago both stall and don’t improve.

    I’m curious what your analysis will be.

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