Two columnists, two different tones about Tom Wilson

Bob Wojnowoski of The Detroit News:

Wilson’s emotions bubbled ever so slightly as he talked. Bright and optimistic, one of the franchise’s most-visible presences for more than three decades, this wasn’t easy for Wilson. But in his tone and his words, he made it clear this was the right time to go.

Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press:

Wilson departed on his own accord, a consequence of the tumult swirling within an organization on the selling block.

It’s not a healthy climate right now within the empire the late Bill Davidson built and left to his wife, Karen, upon his passing in March. Long-range indecision can turn poisonous, leaving some to bail on their own before potentially getting pushed out the door by a new ownership group.

I’m not sure whether Wojo’s or Sharp’s take is more accurate. But I know I’m nervous about this new uncertainty.

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