Charlie Villanueva answers questons on twitter, read them here

Say what you want you want about Charlie Villanueva on the court, or even off it for that matter. But he’s excellent at connecting with fans, and yesterday was a great example.

Villanueva answered 31 questions on twitter (to match his uniform number). Here are the questions and his responses:


@Law_Junky: How hard do you commit yourself in the off-season? Rumors are your lazy and don’t take the training to serious, is that true?

1) How hard will I commit this off-season? Like never before! This will be my first off-season staying in my NBA city.#31REPLIES


@EC_Rapsfan: yeah, you seem real humble guaranteeing a win last night. I used to be a fan of your personality and your game, did both fall off?

2) Regardless of our fallen season I’m still Charlie. I’ve said b4 that this has been a humbling experience for me.#31REPLIES


@LowellAhee: if we get top 5 pick. Who is ur wish….(you can list them out of order)

3) When it comes to the NBA draft… I think we should select the best player available regardless of position.#CV31REPLIES


@DetroitBuckets: Are you disappointed in the role coach has asked to to play? Do you feel you should have been a bigger part of the game plan?

4) I was okay with my role, anything to help my team win. Though I expected much more for myself, performance.#CV31REPLIES


@4tny: Yoo CV…hows ur time in Detroit? Do you regret signing?

5) I don’t have any regrets signing with Pistons. I LOVE Detroit. I purchased my house here. My career will Excel here.#CV31REPLIES


@PistonsLover22: since u answering questions…Do u and coach kue really get along or yall jus play for the cameras?

6) Honestly, Coach Kue & I had some difference but with communication all is good now. He demands the best.#CV31REPLIES


@gkenning: Do you think you’d be happier had you never left Toronto?

7) Would I be happier not leaving Toronto: I believe everything happens for a reason. My son is Canadian, I’m happy!#CV31REPLIES


@Topher78916: which do u believe ur game is more geared towards playing on the perimeter or in the post? Who’s ur favorite @MLBplayer?

8 ) My game is stretch to both perimeter & post play whatever coach wants I’ll do. Oh my favorite MLB player: A-Rod#CV31REPLIES


@Smokeydabear123: what specifically can u do to address ur weaknesses this summer?

9) This off-season I have HIGH expectations. I intend on working on all aspects of my game. Toughness is key#CV31REPLIES


@gstash1800: How tough was this season for you? Also , where do you think LBJ ends up?

10) Unfortunately this season was a bit of a rude-awakening, but I must learn from it. And LeBron James will stay!#CV31REPLIES


@Keefe15: How upsetting is it to you that you chose Detroit over Cleveland?

11) I don’t regret choosing Detroit over Cleveland. God always has a plan. This experience has matured me. Believe.#CV31REPLIES


@SteveKaysNBA: Hey CV, what’s the #1 you plan on working on this summer?

12) Hey Steve, I’m staying here in Detroit this off-season; going to be working closely with our coaching staff.#CV31REPLIES


@nbarocksstc: we all know this has been a dissapointing season, but pistons will have a great year next year, right?

13) My guarantees are rough right now :( but I’ll promise a coming better year for Detroit. Determined Challenge!#CV31REPLIES


@JoannePistonFan: Fave restaurant in the Detroit area?

My favorite restaurant in the D right now has to be brunch hours at Bravo Cucina in Rochester Hills. Love it!#CV31REPLIES


@BIGGESTGRINDER: is it cool not having to shave and stuff??

15) You know me having this skin condition Alopecia Areata, its the best not having to shave or haircuts, LOL.#CV31REPLIES


@TShrine: celeb crush?

16) This question is dangerous, lol, but I had a serious crush on Alica Keys, wooow :)#CV31REPLIES


@Philip_McD: Who is your "sleeper" pick to win the finals?

17) The Champion contenders are obvious with Cleveland and LA leading the pack, but my sleeper is Miami or Phoenix. #CV31REPLIES


@christinelam: whats your favorite tv show?

18) My favorite TV show has to be The First 48. I love the reality solving of the homicide cases. It’s deep.#CV31REPLIES


@MrStamm: what is your biggest need this off season to not only make the playoffs but to contend

19) It’s likely a move may be done this summer but I honestly think with the team we have know we can find success.#CV31REPLIES


@dvnmtthws: wats yo fav car u own

20) I’m not crazy into cars but I do have 3 of them. My favorite by far is the Bentley GTC convertible. It’s sweet.#CV31REPLIES


@nfbp77: What is your greatest moment as a piston (so far)

21) My greatest experience as a Pistons has to be the bonding I’ve developed with my teammates. We went through it all.#CV31REPLIES


@easyskanking28: fav rapper?

22) My favorite rappers right now, likely a cross between Jay-Z and Lil’ Wayne. I listen to whatever is good.#CV31REPLIES


@iwaslikeuknow: aside from the disappointment of having a losing season [bc of injuries] how was the team chemistry off court?

23) Our team chemistry off-the-court was great. I love my teammates. I get along with all of them. Mi familia.#CV31REPLIES


@killercore: Do you think Twitter has caused more problems than positives for you this year?

24) Twitter causing problems? Not at all. Twitter gives us athletes direct connection with the fans. I value it.#CV31REPLIES


@dodo95: who is your favorite actor?

25) My favorite actor continues to be Denzel Washington, even though I wasn’t a big fan of that "Book of Eli" movie. #CV31REPLIES


@lon1617: Can you call this your lowest point of your bball career?How do you plan to turn this thing around next season?

26) Yea this has been my lowest career year terms of production (pts, rbs, min) but it has been a learning experience.#CV31REPLIES


@matthewllondon: I heard somewhere you have alopecia. Is that true? If so, how long have you had it?

27) Yea I’ve had alopecia areata (complete hair-loss) since like 12. Its was tough then, but I embrace it now.#CV31REPLIES


@kasha831: did you now if Joe is come back or no the are say the Joe is do now

28) I have complete respect for Joe Dumars. I think he’s the best, genius. I would be shocked if he goes anywhere.#CV31REPLIES


@injektilu: who would you choose to be the starting Point Guard for the Dominican National team if you where Head Coach?

29) Hmm that’s a tough question, pur Dominican Rep. team does need a purer point guard. I don’t know, R.Stuckey LOL#CV31REPLIES


@abosch927: Do you and the rest of the UConn guys on the team get together on game day to catch the old alma mater play?

30) I always try to get together with my former UConn guys. We’re like any other family, love for all. UCONN4LIFE#CV31REPLIES


@Need4Sheed_com: Who would win in a Cage Match – Tayshaun Price or Austin @Adaye5

31) Who will win a cage match btw Tayshaun Prince & Austin Daye, LOL, Hum, hmm… Prince! Cuz AD still a rookie #CV31REPLIES

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