Reports: Pistons will get 2nd-round pick for taking Petro

ESPN’s Chris Broussard and CBS’ Ken Berger are reporting that they have confirmed that the Detroit Pistons will receive a 2nd-round pick in exchange for taking Johan Petro from the Nets in the megatrade that will land Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton in New Jersey.

Detroit will also get the expiring contract of Troy Murphy. It had been reported that the Pistons might finagle a first-rounder from the desperate Nets, but the second-round pick could be as high as #31 overall, so Detroit is still getting plenty of value out of the deal.

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  • eric

    Does this mean detroit will still give up there 1st rd.draft pick?

    • Sean

      Although Detroit giving up a 1st-rounder was in the very early stages of the deal, it is no longer an option. The Pistons said it was a dealbreaker and the Nets, desperate for the trade, changed the trade parameters.