Jonas Jerebko and Charlie Villanueva describe what makes a good owner

Jonas Jerebko


“An owner who cares, first of all, who just cares about the players and what the organization does. An organization, you’ve got to want to win. I’ve played in some great organizations. I mean, in Sweden, we won a championship. Second division, I won the championship. I came to Italy, we had a great organization. Not a lot of money, but we had a great team. We made it to the final four. And then here. So, it’s just been a great for road me, and I’ve been in some great clubs, and this is one of them.”

Charlie Villanueva


“I think you have to understand the game very well. You have to know what it takes to win. You have to know basketball to understand the game. And just put the right pieces together. Tune your staff, too. That’s very important. Good staff and good players – you should be fine.”

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