Win tickets for Saturday’s Detroit Pistons-Utah Jazz game from StubHub!

Thanks to StubHub! for providing four tickets in Club 125, Row Q for Saturday’s Pistons-Jazz game. Per usual, we’ll give away the tickets by trivia.

At this very moment (hint, hint), 20 NBA players have a career scoring average of at least 20 points per game and have played for only one NBA team. Name them.

To be eligible:

1. Send your answers to [email protected] (one e-mail per entrant).

2. Order your answer alphabetically by last name, and number them. Put one player on each line.

3. Follow PistonPowered on Twitter (and include your Twitter in your e-mail, so I can verify).

Each correct answer earns you an entry in the lottery for the tickets (limit: 20 answers per person), so feel free to answer, even if you can’t name all 20 players.

I’m going to split the tickets into groups of two, but the same person could win both sets.

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