Pistons fail to trade Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince at deadline

I’m too depressed to talk at too much length about the lack of moves made by the Pistons at the NBA trade deadline. But at least there is a sign that the team tried.

From Adrian Wojnarowski:

DET and CLE negotiated down to wire on a Rip Hamilton trade, but fell apart when Rip wouldn’t accept buyout terms with Cavs, sources say.

And also this:

DET and CLE agreed on protected future draft pick to go with Hamilton, but Rip wouldn’t give back enough of $25M owed him, sources say.

Pistons also had an offer on the table from the Mavericks for Tayshaun Prince involving Detroit receiving the expiring contract of Caron Butler and a first-round pick, but apparently Detroit thought Prince could be more valuable in the summer as a sign-and-trade candidate than whatever would be available in the 25th+ pick.

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