Richard Hamilton shoots more as reserve

Last night, I wrote about how much Richard Hamilton shot against the Bucks. And shot. And shot.

And missed. And missed. And missed.

In 26 minutes, Hamilton made just 4-of-17 shots. That’s extreme, but it’s not as atypical as you’d think.

This year and two years ago, Hamilton has dealt with a challenge he hadn’t faced previously in Detroit – coming off the bench. He hasn’t exactly hidden his displeasure with losing his permanent starting position.

  • In 28 games off the bench during this season and the 2008-09 season, Hamilton has taken 17.8 shots per 36 minutes.
  • In the 75 games he’s started those two years, Hamilton has taken 16.5 shots per 36 minutes.

Sheet 1
Sheet 1

And his ability to make those shots doesn’t explain the increase.

  • True shooting percentage as a starter: 52.28
  • True shooting percentage as a reserve: 51.52

Sheet 2
Sheet 2

My armchair psychoanalysis says when Hamilton loses the starting spot he desires, he tries to control what he can, namely his shot attempts. So, he chucks a bit more when coming off the bench.

Is that accurate? I don’t know. I think there’s truth behind the theory. I know there are numbers behind the theory.

Please don’t take it as any more than that.

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