NBA labor negotiations could determine whether Pistons and Cavaliers re-open Richard Hamilton trade

Ken Berger of CBS Sports:

It remains to be seen whether the Cavaliers will revisit their attempt to take on Rip Hamilton’s contract for a first-round pick around the draft, though multiple sources are skeptical such an arrangement would be palatable to the Pistons given the lockout concerns. Through a combination of games lost to a work stoppage and possible salary rollbacks, Detroit may wind up owing Hamilton far less than the $21.5 million Hamilton is guaranteed over the next two seasons. This is why, perhaps, Hamilton shouldn’t have been so averse to accepting a low-percentage buyout from the Cavs; his refusal ultimately killed the trade that would’ve sent him to Cleveland for a future first-rounder. For the record, the Bulls would’ve had interest in exploring a Hamilton signing after he was bought out by Cleveland, though the scenario never got to the point of conversations between Chicago, Cleveland, and Hamilton’s agent, Leon Rose.

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