Assist Charts 2010-11: DaJuan Summers

This is the first installment of a new series called “Assist Charts.” For each of the 13 Pistons who played this year, I’m going to show who they assisted and who assisted them.

Each post will be divided into two sections: Player assists to and Assists from player. Player assists to shows who the featured player assisted. Assists from player shows who assisted the featured player.

Each section will display two pie graphs and corresponding tables. One graph and table will show totals, and the other set will show per 36 minutes.

All the graphs and tables are color-coded with a specific color assigned to each player throughout the series. Point guards are blue. Shooting guards are orange. Small forwards are green. Power forwards are red. Centers are yellow.

Up today, DaJuan Summers.

DaJuan Summers assists to


From Summers

Field goal Amount
McGrady 0
Stuckey 0
Bynum 0
Gordon 1
Hamilton 0
Prince 1
Daye 0
Wilcox 0
Villanueva 0
Maxiell 0
Monroe 0
Wallace 0

Per 36 minutes with each player

From Summers (adjusted)

Field goal Minutes together Amount per 36 minutes together
McGrady 17 0.00
Stuckey 60 0.00
Bynum 113 0.00
Gordon 126 0.29
Hamilton 24 0.00
Prince 30 1.20
Daye 86 0.00
Wilcox 16 0.00
Villanueva 105 0.00
Maxiell 83 0.00
Monroe 117 0.00
Wallace 15 0.00

What we learned

DaJuan Summers doesn’t pass much. Among players with at least 90 minutes this season, just Ike Diogu, Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka had fewer assists per 36 minutes this year.

I don’t really blame Summers. Although he showed a decent passing ability at Georgetown, Summers is more adept at scoring. He rarely played meaningful minutes, so in garbage time, why wouldn’t he shoot a lot? That’s his only chance to show what he brings.

Any team, including the Pistons, that considers giving Summers a rotation spot next season should be wary of Summers’ shoot-first style, though. That can be a tough habit to break.

Assists to DaJuan Summers


To Summers

Assist Amount
McGrady 1
Stuckey 8
Bynum 6
Gordon 0
Hamilton 0
Prince 1
Daye 2
Wilcox 0
Villanueva 1
Maxiell 2
Monroe 2
Wallace 1
None 4

Per 36 minutes with each player

To Summers (adjusted)

Assist Minutes together Amount per 36 minutes together
McGrady 17 2.12
Stuckey 60 4.80
Bynum 113 1.91
Gordon 126 0.00
Hamilton 24 0.00
Prince 30 1.20
Daye 86 0.84
Wilcox 16 0.00
Villanueva 105 0.34
Maxiell 83 0.87
Monroe 117 0.62
Wallace 15 2.40
None 199 0.72

Unassisted field goals per 36 minutes is based on the player’s total minutes.

What we learned

Eighty-six percent of Summers’ field goals were assisted, which led the Pistons. As I’ve said before, the percentage of Greg Monroe’s field goals that were assisted was misleadingly low, because he converted so many putbacks.

Maybe I was wrong when I said Summers hasn’t shown a specialty that can get him consistent minutes. Maybe he’s a rotation-level spot-up shooter.

Of Summers’ 94 offensive plays listed by Synergy, 35 were spot-ups. That not only leads all his play types, it’s more plays than the next three (isolation, transition and cut) combined. On his spot-ups, Summers scored a respectable 1.09 points per play (71st in the NBA), including 9-of-18 shooting on 3-pointers.

No Detroit combo registered more assists per 36 minutes together than Rodney Stuckey-to-Summers (4.80). A team with a slasher looking to spread the floor could do worse than signing Summers this summer.

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