D-League socks remind Ben Wallace of having to keep the lights off growing up

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Vince Grzegorek of the incredible Uni Watch blog posted this excerpt from fringe NBA player Lance Allred’s new book  (hat tip: jayg108):

LeBron: “Look at this guy!”

Ben Wallace: “What?”

LeBron: “He’s wearin’ his D-League socks. Someone get this sumbitch a new pair of socks.”

Me: “Thanks, Bron, but I am okay. I wear these socks to remind me where I came from.”

LeBron: “Man, if I was doing that, my socks would have no toes.”

Ben Wallace: “I would be playing basketball in the dark. Don’t you dare turn on that light boy! Wasting the electric bill and all!”

Me: “All apologies, fellas. A comparison of socioeconomic backgrounds was not my intent. Your shot, Mr. James.”

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