No player’s offense drops more against a good defense than Charlie Villanueva’s

Neil Paine of Basketball-Reference rated how players perform against each above- and below-average defenses, and no player who played at least 520 minutes against each type of defense, had a bigger drop in production between facing bad defenses and good defenses than Charlie Villanueva (hat tip: tarsier). In other words, Villanueva feasted on bad defenses and struggled against good defenses.

I’ve already explained why Villanueva’s rebounding stats in Milwaukee overrated his actual ability on the glass, and this is just another example of Villanueva looking better than he actually is. His game is all smoke and mirrors. There’s a reason he’s never made the playoffs.

On the other hand, Tayshaun Prince had the 20th-best offensive production against above-average defenses relative to his production against below-average defenses. Attention, playoff teams with assets for a sign-and-trade. Attention, playoff teams with assets for a sign-and-trade.*

*I still don’t think the Pistons will sign-and-trade Prince, unless they get Chris Kaman from the Clippers.

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