Terrico White, not Tayshaun Prince, to play in “Lockout League” in Las Vegas

Terrico White will play in Impact Basketball’s “Lockout League” in Las Vegas from Sept. 12-23. If any of his games are streaming, I want to watch. White missed the season with a broken foot, so Pistons fans haven’t gotten to see him play much. Particularly because his contract is sort of up in the air, I want a better chance to evaluate him before the Pistons must decide on him.

Contrary to previous reports, Tayshaun Prince isn’t listed by Zach Lowe of The Point Forward among the players participating. Of course, plans for events like these often change on the fly, and it wouldn’t surprised me to see Prince still participate. But facing what might be his last meaningful free agency, especially considering his body has begun to show signs of age the last two years, Prince might be better off sitting out and avoiding injury.

Austin Daye, a noted Joe Abunassar devotee, will play in the league, of course.

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