Greg Monroe is as confident as Ben Gordon is unconfident

When I wrote about Greg Monroe taking a technical, I figured Lawrence Frank had at least OKed the move. Apparently not. Keith Langlois of

When Golden State was tagged with a defensive three seconds call late in Sunday’s first half, Ben Gordon, who’d missed the technical foul free throw that results from such a call earlier, didn’t make an immediate move toward the free-throw line. Neither did anyone else.

So Greg Monroe, who as a rookie last season clanked almost four out of 10 foul shots, walked right up and knocked down another free throw.

“Nobody was looking like they wanted to take it,” he smiled later. “I’m not going to pass it up.”

As a reminder, the other players on the court (with their career free-throw percentage):

Gordon is clearly the best free-throw shooter of that group. It’s cool to see Monroe show so much confidence, but it’s telling that Gordon didn’t jump to the line before Monroe had the chance.

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