Darko Milicic, weird teammate

Former NBA player Casey Jacobsen writes a pretty entertaining occasional column for SLAM. In his latest, he mentions a couple former Pistons who he played with.

Congrats, Darko Milicic, you are the weirdest:

Weirdest teammate… in a bad way: Darko Milicic

It’s nearly impossible to explain the weirdness that is Darko, but he told me one time that he did not keep his money in any bank, nor did he invest in stocks or bonds. “I just keep it,” he told me and then turned away. Looking back, I should have asked a follow-up question. I don’t know if I believe him, but he was making over $6 million that season. That’s a lot of cheddar to stash underneath a mattress! On another note… that was easily the longest conversation we ever had, and that was how he preferred it.

Jacobsen also says exactly what you’d expect anyone to say about Antonio McDyess:

Most Likely to Succeed (after basketball): Antonio McDyess

I played with “Dice” during my second season in Phoenix. He was a good player and teammate. He is smart and humble and treats everyone with respect. If he can’t succeed after basketball, there’s no hope for me.

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