Ben Wallace is not excited for The Rock vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania 28

Will I do two professional wrestling themed posts in the same day? You bet I will. Brandon Stroud, who writes fantastic Monday Night Raw recaps every week on With Leather (yeah, I still watch Raw … I’m an 8-year-old at heart) that you totally should be reading if you’re a WWE fan, provides this video/commentary on Ben Wallace talking about Wrestlemania:

The best part of Detroit Pistons center Ben Wallace talking to The Score about WWE Wrestlemania XXVIII is the realization that Ben Wallace watches wrestling like my parents: he remembers how much he loved wrestling in the 80s, thinks Stone Cold Steve Austin was cool and guesses the finish for the John Cena versus The Rock main-event will be “nobody” winning and them “fighting to the back somewhere”. All he needs to do now is get legitimately upset when somebody cheats and he’s my Mom.

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