Ben Gordon might play some point guard for Great Britain in the Olympics recently posted an interview with Ben Gordon, discussing him playing for Great Britain in the Olympics this summer. I found this tidbit interesting:

Gordon has been a prolific NBA scorer from the No2 spot, but, with the point guard position arguably where Great Britain are weakest, he is set to operate more in the number one role.

I think Ill be playing more point, he added. It is different than what I play at Detroit but it should be good fun.

Gordon has briefly flirted with the point guard position during his Pistons tenure with mostly not great results — namely, he’s a bit too turnover prone to handle the position — but he might be able to carry some of that load for GB in the Olympics, where he won’t be facing NBA-caliber perimeter defenders in every game. Still though, I’d assume Gordon’s best asset for that team will be scoring. With him and Luol Deng both playing, Great Britain could pull off an upset or two during the Games.

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