Lawrence Frank quoted in great Grantland profile of Stephen Jackson

This story has zilch to do with the Pistons really, but Jonathan Abrams of Grantland has a fantastic feature on Stephen Jackson of the San Antonio Spurs. Pistons coach Lawrence Frank, who was an assistant in New Jersey during Jackson’s rookie year, is quoted in it:

Byron Scott, New Jersey’s coach at the time, told reporters that Jackson “had a golden opportunity and he did not take advantage of it.” His playing time mostly evaporated. The Nets had no interest in retaining him by the end of the season.

“His heart was definitely in the right place,” Frank said. “He had a great competitive spirit and drive. He was very, very young. To me, obviously what changed his career was going to San Antonio the following year and basically being a redshirt. That’s where he really understood what it took to be a professional.”

The whole thing is well worth your time.

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