The Basketball Jones: Andre Drummond ‘could eventually be the greatest running big man in the game’

Dennis Velasco of The Basketball Jones chose an X-Factor for every NBA team, and he picked Andre Drummond for the Pistons:

Drummond was actually considered the top prospect for the 2012 NBA Draft before the 2011 college basketball season started and the aforementioned Davis went bananas. Even leading up to the draft, Drummond was a possibility for being a top three pick, but the Pistons were relatively lucky to get him at No. 9. He has a ton of potential and could eventually be the greatest running big man in the game, but it will be all about desire for him. Much like fellow UConn alumnus, Rudy Gay, was questioned during the early part of his NBA career, there’s no denying the talent, but the passion is another issue. Can Lawrence Frank keep Drummond engaged?

First of all, I definitely agree Drummond is the Pistons’ X-Factor. Based on the preseason, Drummond is closer to helping the Pistons this season than I expected. Still, no Detroit player has a wide range of possible production this season than Drummond.

As far as Drummond potentially “becoming the greatest running big man in the game,” that’s just awesome to even consider.

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