Tom Gores says he’s ‘impatient’

Pistons owner Tom Gores:

"Joe’s building a team. Lawrence is coaching a team, and I have to be the impatient owner that wants to deliver a championship here. I came here to win.  I’m a now person.”

The sentiment is probably accurate, but I think to a degree, Gores is just trying to set a tone more than he is actually impatient. Take his latest thoughts on his playoff decree, via Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

"There’s no ultimatum that says if you don’t make the playoffs, you are gone," Gores said. "We don’t work that way. The ultimatum is we have to get better."

There are truly impatient owners in sports, owners who interfere with short-term fixes at the expense of quality long-term plans. I hope Gores isn’t one of those, and there isn’t serious indication that he is.

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