Greg Monroe reading more books

Matt Moore of Eye On Basketball wrote a very good piece about Greg Monroe. Moore examines whether Monroe is a star right now, and he talks to Monroe about what it would take for him to be viewed as one.

This section also caught my eye:

Monroe says he never was a big reader, except when school required it, but it’s become something he’s gotten into. Why? He’s looking, as always, for motivation.

“Books are something I started to pick up recently. I’m reading a lot of good books recently. Right now I’m reading “Training Camp” by Jon Gordon. It’s motivational, it’s inspirational. It’s not just about athletics, it’s about life in general. He has a few different books that he’s talks about life from different angles.

It’s a new thing for me. I used to just read for scool. But I’m starting to freelance and try and find different things on how to motivate myself.”

There’s definitely a connection between Jon Gordon and the Pistons.

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