Rasheed Wallace another important reason to watch the NBA this season

I’m 100 percent committed to linking to any quality Rasheed Wallace content, even if it’s not Pistons related. This piece by Netw3rk for The Classical qualifies — it’s not specifically about ‘Sheed and his time with the Pistons, but it’s a great read about what makes him, even at this late stage in his career, incredibly watchable:

We watch because there is a special sort of person who can do things which society-at-large deems to be “wrong”—fighting, marijuana use, disrespect of authority figures, unwillingness to conform to social norms, not-particularly well-kept beards, and so on—and emerge from those repeated transgressions not diminished in the public eye, but with an ever more roguish, anti-heroic magnetism. The usual commentators cluck when Rasheed does the things that Rasheed repeatedly, invariably and unapologetically does—see the parenthetical clause above. But those who truly understand the transgressive thing he’s after, who dare take Rasheed Wallace to the head, find him only more appealing and inspiring to our repressed but un-extinguished inner rebelliousness with each new transgression.