Will Kyle Singler remain a starter? Lawrence Frank dodges the question

David Mayo of MLive:

Frank stiff-armed the inevitable question of whether Singler might remain a starter after Wednesday’s abrupt turnaround, though it won’t vanish before Friday’s home game against Orlando.

"Let’s just take this win for what it is and we’ll figure things out as we move forward," Frank said.

I would have been shocked if Lawrence Frank had reacted any other way, and this was the correct answer.

When I wrote yesterday that Kyle Singler should start in place of Rodney Stuckey, that’s based on the information available to us currently. If Stuckey misses more games, maybe a larger sample of Singler starting will cause me to change my tune. But Stuckey does not deserve the right to start indefinitely and work through his struggles.

As long as Singler seems like the better starter, he should start. If Stuckey seems like the better starter, he should start. There’s no reason this can’t be a fluid situation that gives both a chance to prove themselves.

Maybe Singler and Stuckey both prove themselves to the point Tayshaun Prince should come off the bench. Singler’s emergence dictates Frank explore these possibilities.

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