Video: Rasheed Wallace gets ejected; is the league cracking down on his signature phrase?


Former Piston Rasheed Wallace was ejected in less than two minutes in yesterday’s game between the Knicks and Phoenix Suns. After picking up his first technical, his second T-inducing crime was shouting the familiar ‘Ball Don’t Lie!’ after a missed free throw. ‘Sheed also picked up a technical for shouting that during the Knicks-Pistons game earlier this season. As all Pistons fans know, ‘Ball Don’t Lie!’ never used to be worth of a technical in the eyes of officials. Perhaps with the return of ‘Sheed a certain non-Sheed fan who happens to be commissioner sent a memo to officials?

First Popovich, now ‘Sheed. It has been a good week for Stern sticking it to his enemies. If ‘Ball Don’t Lie!’ is indeed dead, that might be Stern’s worst atrocity as commissioner.

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