UPDATE: Former teammate DOESN’T say Iverson wants out


Matt Watson of Detroit Bad Boys clarifies a story about 76ers guard Lou Williams saying Allen Iverson wants out of Detroit. He hunted down the actual interview, this is what actually went down:

"Host: Are you friends with him, are you friends with Allen?Lou Williams: Big brother.Host: Really, no kidding. How’s he doing?Lou Williams: He’s doing great, he’s doing great. Back’s a little messed up so he’s going through that, but he’s doing well.Host: Does he like Detroit?Lou Williams: I really haven’t asked him about that because I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to be there. My personal opinion, that’s my disclaimer, but, you know."

Here’s the paraphrase from RealGM that caused a stir:

"Williams: A.I. Doesn’t Want To Be In DetroitEarlier in the interview, Williams referred to Iverson as a “big brother” and said that he remains in contact with his former teammate.76ers reserve Lou Williams has given validity to rumors that Allen Iverson is unhappy playing with the Pistons.Williams, appearing on WMMR’s Preston & Steve morning show in Philadelphia on Thursday, said his belief is that Iverson doesn’t want to be in Detroit."