delicious out, Twitter in


It can be easy to get excited about something new and jump into it with both feet first. Unfortunately, this often comes with the side effect of rushing in before giving the idea too much thought.

This is exactly what happened with delicious and Twitter here at PistonPowered. After adding both features to the site, we quickly realized that there wasn’t much delicious could do that Twitter couldn’t. So it got the axe.

Now, links and minor updates that don’t warrant their own post will be posted to @PistonPowered. In addition, we created another Twitter account called @PPFeed that uses twitterfeed to display all our posts.

This means it’s possible to view all content from PistonPowered exclusively via Twitter. (Don’t worry. You won’t miss out on anything by just visiting the site. All Tweets will be posted under “The Glove Compartment” on the left side of the page.)

We think this is a good set-up, but obviously it’s subject to change. I’ll keep you posted.

NOTE: Some of you may have already figured all this out. We made these changes a few weeks back, but I put off posting about it until now. My apologies.