Afflalo and Sharpe Are Off To Denver


Adrian Wojnarowski reports that both are off to Denver in return for a future 2nd round pick. (Hat tip: MotownStrngMsic)

A few things,

  • Denver sure found a definite upgrade to the departed Dahntay Jones.  Well, I’m not saying Afflalo will start, he won’t, but at least he can knock down a three pointer from time to time.
  • I’m hoping the added 1.8 mil in salary cap space allows Joe to acquire a decent big man or something, I’m getting pretty nauseous from all of the Kwame Brown is your only big man talk.  Yeah, duh, we’re not blind, or deaf, we get it.
  • I’m excited that there will be no more mention of Walter Sharpe as a “sleeper” pick.  Something tells me Walter Sharpe may never play on a NBA team again.
  • Wait, what was that thud?  Oh, Denver has already waived Walter.  What took them so long?