Random Musings from Pistons vs. Warriors Summer League Affair


Sometimes I hate justintv and other times I adore it.  On Monday night Stephen Curry and Jonas Jerebko made me feel content even though justintv was being a big boob.

And here I go at approximately 10:08 central time-

Trent Plaisted is a step too slow in every phase of the game.   Right after I typed that, he makes a layup.  But it was a slow moving layup, so I stand by my previous comment.

Jonas Jerebko came right into the game with an aggressive mindset, hit a nice jumper on a semi fast break- good, clean form on the shot

Jonas made a decent move by attempting a hook shot, but he babied it too much, but his aggressiveness is a plus (my first time watching this guy, making a good impression)

I like Singletary, he’s got NBA level athleticism, he just needs to make some plays and Stand Out.

Daye has been a little careless with the ball, ball handling is definitely not his strength right now

Jeremy Pargo reminds me a bit of Will Bynum, muscular and thick, but a quickness about him that is tough to pinpoint exactly

The announcer’s right hands must be super tired right now, they can’t stop ogling at Curry and Anthony Randolph.   and it’s just the 2nd quarter

I’m craving some Marquise Gray right now. Actually that’s a lie.

Pargo made a sweet pass to a streaking Jonas Jerebko and then shortly thereafter Jeremy drains a deep three. Andre Owens must feel sick right about now.

Justintv is currently acting up, not surprising in the least.

I guess at certain times throughout Curry’s development at Davidson I overlooked his passing capabilities. He’s really a heady player with a keen eye at making the correct pass, a very good passer into the post too.

I’ll say it again, Deron Washington is the next James Singleton, just with a bit more potential. He is able to find his way to the rim whenever he wants.

I just noticed Dwayne Jones is on the court. Can’t hear the announcers right now because the feed that is carrying the game also is playing background music .

Is it just me or does DaJuan Summers just look big out there. And that’s completely a compliment. I’m really liking him right now.  A NBA body if there ever was one.

Another turnover for Daye, stepping out of bounds.

Daye’s ball handling and his awareness have to improve. Looking like a nice D-league stint to begin the season for him. His tenuous body is really showing right now with all of the miscues he’s making. And yes I spelled tenuous wrong about three times before I got it right. At least I knew the definition though.

Marco Bellini? Shouldn’t he be playing?

Curry with a nice steal, showcasing his venus fly trap like quick hands

Jerebko converts a hook shot, or something similar, the feed I’m watching is pretty sad. Pargo with the heady pass.

Curry’s fluidity is an art, reminds me of the perfectly executed snow angel, not one of those half assed ones that look like the person attempting it had 8 legs.

Detroit’s team defense has been nonexistent from very early on in this game. Very similar to Brandon Inge’s power in the home run derby.

Pistons fall short by 20 or so. Individually there were some strong performers. Jonas Jerebko had some nice buckets and corralled 3 offensive rebounds, had his hands around the ball a lot it seemed, just 4 rebounds total however.

Deron Washington was active and from I’ve heard about him from when he was at V Tech and just lately, his activity is no surprise. Though 1-6 from the charity stripe will not get it done, Deron.

Daye finishes the game with 8 turnovers according to the nba.com box score.  Seems to be about right.

Pargo is a funny player because he’s built like Will Bynum and seems to have the mindset of Will too, but can actually shoot the ball a little. I remember him at Gonzaga being a decent shooter (very streaky actually) but not the best decision maker. He did make some nice passes in this game.

Sean Singletary handles the ball well and is under control, but did not have his shot going. He seems like a pretty quality defender, at least as summer league ball is concerned. I definitely see why he made a NBA roster last season, he’s not half bad.

That will be all from me for right now. It will have to be because I’m off to hit the sack.

Getting too old for this late night hoop gaiety.