I wonder if Dice will be able to sustain his high l..."/> I wonder if Dice will be able to sustain his high l..."/>

Which Recent Piston Will You Enjoy Watching the Most in Different Colors in 09?


McDyess in San Antonio?

I wonder if Dice will be able to sustain his high level of play like he has for the last couple of years. I really hope that he can because it would be special to witness the man earning his first NBA championship. The Spurs have a nice shot at being there in the WCF, but overcoming LA will probably come down to whether or not Tim Duncan has anything left in the tank. I would think Timmy would receive some help from the hungry vet. I have to believe Dice will flourish in an offense where Tony Parker is leading the way. At least for me anyways the Spurs just got a whole lot more intriguing with the RJ and Dice signings. Not to mention the DeJuan Blair drafting.

Wallace in Boston?

To me this signing definitely still makes watching the Celtics entertaining, but not necessarily a whole lot better, especially if both Powe and Big Baby depart. If they can retain Big Baby they will be fine, provided Rasheed is ok with Kendrick Perkins starting. Because at this point in time Perkins is the better player and while I understand that not always does the best player start I also recognize that Perkins is well suited to continue being the starting center. If Doc Rivers tinkers with that, well, Doc is a buffoon then– TBD.

Knowing Rasheed’s personality fairly well (I’d like to think I know anyway) I assume he will be motivated for at least one more season. His petering out act this past season (understatement) is still fresh in my mind, so I’m feeling I should be drawn to the common sense idea that tells me he’s just too old and not very good anymore. But common sense also reminds me that Sheed was probably smart enough to realize that Detroit wasn’t going anywhere last season anyways, so why bother to give a poop.  Of course that line of thinking might have cost Sheed some $$ on his new deal.  Whatever. I’m certain he can still get hot behind the long line and affect some games that way.  But can’t Scalabrine do that too? Heck, all I know is that Cavs v. Celtics and Magic v. Celtics should be insanely competitive basketball to watch.

One of the few positive aspects I will get out of this Sheed to Boston signing is that I will never have to witness Sheed laying down and getting shellacked by Garnett again.  Cheers for that.

Afflalo in Denver?

Will JR Smith start instead? Who knows what Karl will decide but either way Arron is probably penciled in for 15-20 minutes a game, easy. With that up-tempo style Arron should have ample opportunity to showcase his ability to finish on the break and hit open shots. His defense might not be in the league of Dahntay Jones, but it’s not weak (or dirty) by any means. Many Pistons fans believe that Arron will become a really good player—I for one didn’t see it, but do recognize Arron’s definitely going to be in the league and in a rotation for a long, long time. He will be counted on in Denver, provided Sonny Weems is a lot better than we think. It should be interesting watching Denver considering they have re-signed Birdman and have a certain point guard on the squad that arguably keeps them in the running for a championship for at least a few more years.

Billups in Denver?

I loved seeing Billups have success with the Nuggs last year as I’m sure many Pistons fans did as well. He really transformed that team from a wild and discombobulated bunch of talented players to a team of wild and semi-organized bunch of talented players. Or something along those lines. To put it simply, he shored things up point guard wise, demanded accountability and essentially was the brand of leader they sorely needed.

Though I ‘m not sure how much longer Billups will be able to stay afloat as an upper echelon point guard. After all, he will be 33 at the start of the season. With Ty Lawson now backing him up the possibility of Billups playing less throughout the season is hopefully in the plans. Karl was quoted recently after a rough summer league outing by Lawson as saying he is a “big fan” and that he doesn’t “see anything that he (Lawson) doesn’t do well right now or can’t get better at in the future.”

Let’s hope Lawson is a quick study so Billups is fresher for the playoffs.

Johnson in Milwaukee?

NBA teams best beware of the Johnson-Bogut starting front court in Milwaukee.

(Enter joke here)

(^^^ that was the joke)

I won’t lie and say I could care less about how Amir will pan out in Milwaukee, but it’s probably not a promising sign that I nearly forgot to include Amir in this post.

 My Choice?

You’re kidding?  How could you even ask that question?

It’s Sheed in Beantown. Shenanigans, fellas. Shenanigans. And death to the Celtics.

Any comments are welcome as long as you don’t bite.