Lay-up Line


For you folks anxiously awaiting the release of the Walter Herrmann rhyme/poem (and the corny story that goes along with it), just hold your horses, it’s right around the corner.  I promise.

On to the past few days in hoops around the web.

  • There’s been some talk of a possible Portland-Detroit- unknown third party deal taking place.  Well, a fanpost published on Motown String Music displays a rather intriguing trade scenario, and apparently ESPN trade machine okayed it.  It’s a fun read even if it’s laced in fantasy.
  • Is Benny Gordon’s contract worth 58 million?  Mr. Feldman from PistonPowered has all the numbers.
  • Speaking of Mr. Gordon, Stuckinstasis found a pretty spiffy picture of Gordon and Rip at the Wheel of Fortune.  I’m sorta wish the third guy in the picture played for Detroit too.  And no I’m not talking about Pat Sajak.
  • Bad pun police – PistonsNationBlog
  • Chris Wilcox is a Piston and Detroit4Lyfe happens to dig Wilcox a lot.  “I remember, what now seems like a long time ago, Detroit brought in a no-name guy and he let his hair turn into the catch phrase “fear the ‘fro.”  Maybe, just maybe, Wilcox will let his braids go and turn himself into the “fear the ‘fro” type player Joe Dumars acquired years ago.  If you don’t remember correctly, that player (Ben Wallace) was pretty insignificant at the time, too.”
  • The Slipper Still Fits (Gonzaga blog) has a nice piece about some of the former Zags in summer league play- Daye and Pargo are discussed
  • LeBron to Detroit… 10% chance of happening according to lowposts. And lowposts gets a pass from me for denigrating the city of Detroit. Why? Because lowposts is actually sorta funny about it.
  • Good read on Allen Iverson over at CelticsBlog.  “He never climbed the mountain. He got to the cusp, and failed against the Lakers, losing 4-1. That was almost 10 years ago. Since then he’s had some good individual seasons, but no good team season.
    How long until Allen Iverson hears enough? How long until he looks at his body of work, then hears what his body is telling him? How long until he realizes that despite all his All-Star appearances, his scoring titles, his MVP awards, he’s still missing a handy piece of hardward on his hand? “
  • Loy’s Place ( a celtics green blog) has quite a lot of discussion about the Pistons in a post entitled “Comments From The Other Side- Free Agent Edition”
  • “The NBA Summer League is like getting drunk…”- That NBA Lottery Pick
  • Where will the Candyman be eating candy next season? – My Sports Rumors
  • On Twitter I posed a question to former University of Michigan basketball player Brent Petway@Airgeorgia (Brent is one of my favorite players at Michigan ever, Petway really underachieved at Michigan (Amaker era) and has bounced around the D-league etc for a couple years now-  Petway’s got major hops, not nicknamed Air Georgia for nothing) 

My question was this

“@Airgeorgia Pistons need big men, when’s Joe D. signing you?”

Petway’s response was this,

“@lifeondumars idk but im not really a big man so doesn’t look good for me there haha i’m more of a 3/4 like Marion”

Hardcore University of Michigan basketball fans will probably find this much more comical than the non-hardcore Wolverine hoop fans.   In that case this bullet was most likely a wasted effort.

What is not likely a wasted effort is following me aka toasterhands aka Life on Dumars on Twitter