Primoz Brezec Back in the Association


Sixers make their splash!

Word has it the Sixers have signed the Slovenian Butterfly to a one year deal.  (h/t- @jeskeets)

Don’t tell me you don’t remember the large Slovenian forward who ran the court like an injured deer.  After all, he did play in 17 games for your Detroit Pistons in the 07/08 season as a result of the Nazr Mohammed to Charlotte mid season trade (also ‘featuring’ Herrmann).

“Highlight” video of the Butterfly in action’s best comment on the signing (and there are tons to choose from):

wow great pick up…now we need to bring back shawn bradley to solidify the front court and we need to pick up eric snow”  from world champs

Runner up:

One of these things is not like the other. Which one? The Cavs got Shaq. The Magic got Carter. The Celtics got Rasheed. The Wizards got Miller and Foye. The Pistons got Villanueva and Gordon. THE SIXERS GOT KOPONO AND BREZEC. Sixers = Disaster waiting to happen”  from syddan25

Count your lucky stars folks, the Sixers could be your team.

( and if they’re your team, I deeply feel for you, card is in the mail)