Kelly Dwyer Says It Best


At least much better than I have.

From Ball Don’t Lie:

"In successive years, Joe Dumars has acquired both Kwame Brown, and Ben Wallace. Woof. He’s factored in the “but, what if?” more than the “but, what will be?” in two consecutive summers."

Oh it gets better:

"Hopefully he won’t be asked to defend much, either, because Wallace is a liability both as a help defender and as a post defender. Seriously. He’s fallen off that much, because he’s slowed that much. Worse, because he fancies himself the sort of guy that can still overplay on the perimeter and get back to contest a shot and/or rebound, he hurts the team. He’s the rare selfish defensive player."

Then the icing:

"There isn’t much responsibility to Wallace’s role, but Dumars is hurting his team if he’s playing Wallace more than six minutes a game. And no amount of locker room leadership (something Wallace wasn’t exactly known for in Detroit and Chicago) can make up for the onus he puts on his own teammates on both ends."

And to think Detroit could have signed Rod “ready like spaghetti” Benson and been a part of the Boom Tho movement!

Damn shame.