Toaster’s Burnt Farrago


Sorry for the lack of posting the last few days.  Made the move to Ann Arbor for college.  Some good stuff on the horizon however.  And hopefully Steve Kays will be making his debut shortly…

  • It’s looking more and more like this is what Piston’s fans have to look forward to this season from Charlie V:

“Indeed, against Canada, Villanueva shot the piss out of the ball, but didn’t deliver much for his efforts.  He produced a ridiculously low 17 points while using up 21.5 scoring possessions.  Against Canada!!  (How will the Bucks ever replace that kind of scoring??). And when CV is concentrating on scoring, its almost always to the detriment of every other statistical category.   Versus the Canucks, he touched the ball a lot, but he passed the ball infrequently and rarely tried to create action by driving to the basket (evidenced by his one assist and just 3 free throw attempts).”  (Bucks Diary)

  • New York Vinnie believes Iverson in Memphis would be a total car wreck (Le Basketbawl)
  • Remember the dunk Carlos Delfino threw down over Emeka Okafor? (YouGotDunkedOn)
  • Ever heard of Ed ‘Booger’ Smith? (Always Miller Time)
  • I keep forgetting Amar’e Stoudemire is only 26. Should the Bulls be interested in him? Amar’e and Rose together would be scary (Pippen Ain’t Easy)