How Depressing It Must Be In Memphis


Notice how Allen Iverson mentions nothing about accepting his role in Memphis, whatever it may be, and reversing his selfish behavior he so lavishly exhibited during his short Detroit stint.

Iverson gets standing ovation in Memphis

"“This year, for me, is so personal,” Iverson said.“It’s basically going to be my rookie season again. It hurts, but I turn the TV on, I read the paper, I listen to some of the things people say about me having the season that I had last year and me losing a step, things like that. They’re trying to put me in a rocking chair already.”"

AI must not be listening too carefully, because a lot of what I hear specifically about his Detroit stay was his porous me first attitude and his unwillingness to be a team player (well duh, we witnessed it firsthand!). Though we all know Iverson has heard those things.  They just don’t faze him in the least.

Cheers Jeers to Memphis for polluting the young talented core they have in Mayo, Gay, Arthur, and Conley.

Did anybody really expect anything different from this lowly organization?