From James Jahnke of the Freep From James Jahnke of the Freep

This Is Where We Laugh At Darko Once More


Darko Milicic is leaving the NBA.

Darko, we hardly knew ya…

From James Jahnke of the Freep:

"Just six-plus years after the Detroit Pistons made him the No. 2 pick in the NBA draft, Darko Milicic says he’s leaving the league."

"“I don’t give a bleep about the money,” Milicic told the (New York) Post. “I just want to enjoy the basketball. I’d like to have the ball in my hands and have an offense run through me. I’m not just a defensive player.”"


Good luck with having an offense feature you as the number one option Darko.

And I thought Ruben Patterson was wack for referring to himself as the Kobe Stopper.