Karen Davidson: Pistons are for sale<..."/> Karen Davidson: Pistons are for sale<..."/>

The Detroit Pistons are not for sale … yet


Despite misleading headlines in The Detroit News – Karen Davidson: Pistons are for sale – the Pistons aren’t for sale yet.

Davidson’s actual statement via Chris Iott of MLive.com:

""We’re looking into the possibility of inquiring about selling it, but there’s nothing that’s definite," she told media members during halftime of the game between the Pistons and Boston Celtics. "We’re just looking into it."

I know it’s splitting hairs, but I think the distinction is important.

The Detroit Free Press has more interesting Karen Davidson quotes and dug up this gem from Bill Davidson’s 2008 interview with Mitch Albom:

"Question: Have you thought about or made plans for the Pistons after you’re gone?Answer: Yes. We’ll keep it in the family. It will always be in the family.Q: And is it your hope your relatives will run it?A: I’ve already set up the method in which it’s gonna be run.Q: By your family members?A: Yeah."