"The ball's in their court," Ford said when ..."/>
"The ball's in their court," Ford said when ..."/>

T.J. Ford Wants To Play


"“The ball’s in their court,” Ford said when asked what he thought about a trade possibly coming before the end of the season. “Definitely, I want to play. If I’m not going to play here, if I can go somewhere else and play, then of course.”Before Friday’s game in Detroit, O’Brien was asked if there is a possibility the Pacers could move Ford before the Feb. 18 trading deadline.“I don’t think there’s any doubt,” O’Brien said. “He’s a quality point guard. He could really help another franchise.”"

I know the Pistons have a lot of guards, but no point guards besides the Chuckster.

Would you like to see him in Detroit?

I would.  He’s steady and still has something to prove and just needs to be on the right team to flourish.  Not a good shooter, so he probably wouldn’t fit in well with Stuckey (provided Gordon’s coming off the bench).  Probably makes too much money (8.5 in 09, player option in10) but for a cheaper price and a good team around him I’d take Ford as my starting point guard.

Chance of Dumars acquiring Ford= chances of Favre not playing football in 2010/11.