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Sheed Wallace and the “Perv”


From Lang Whitaker’s (Slam Online) mammoth post about the  “best and worst of All-Stars past“.

"BEST RASHEED WALLACE SIGHTINGWashington, 2001Around 1:00 a.m. on Thursday night/Friday morning in D.C., Russ, Ryan and I left an And 1 party and walked over to the Grand Hyatt, where the players were staying, to hook up with our dude Chris Palmer from ESPN. Palmer was late, so Russ, Ryan and I grabbed a seat in the lobby and were hanging there, when Rasheed Wallace came strolling down the escalator with his posse; they quickly ducked into the lobby bathroom.I had written the cover story on Sheed in the previous issue of SLAM, calling him out on his mad scientist behavior while pointing out that he’s also allowed to act however he’d like to. I hadn’t seen him since that issue dropped, and I was a little concerned with how he’d react. When they emerged, Sheed spotted me and said,“The story was cool,” giving us the official thumbs up. I exhaled.We were then introduced to one of Rasheed’s friends named Perv, who also claimed to have liked the article.We didn’t get a chance to ask him what Perv was short for, though we had an idea."

Yeah… uh, nothing surprises me anymore.